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SEAD HUB Outlook Plugin Details

outlook Plugin Details


Check: Checks if all the emails in the selected folder are archived. The process starts from the older email in the selected folder and checks the DMS system to verify if the email is already archived.
The system is archiving the emails creating one folder for every email with folder name in the following format:

email record in dms


YYYYMMDD HHMMSS <email subject>

The YYYYMMDD is the received date and HHMMSS is the received time.
Therefore if an email matches the date-time and subject it is considered as “already archived” and it is marked with the "archived" flag in outlook.



All Folder: Proceed, archiving every email in the selected folder. All the automations, as declared in settings, will perform before the email archiving. Therefore any CRM objects (Accounts, Related Contacts, Projects, Case) will automatically be created along with the corresponding folders in the document management system.



Log: This button will open a new window that holds a detailed log with every email (one per row) archived with the “All Folder” process. With double clicking on the serial number column of that log you can open the DMS in the exact folder of the selected email in DMS. This log can be saved to a csv file for later process.







From/To/Subject/Attach: In these fields the system displays the selected email details. From, To, Subject and the attachments if there are any.



Include embedded attachments for this email: If checked and the option “don’t include embedded attachments” is selected in settings page you can override that option and include embedded attachments for this particular email.
This checkbox is automatically unchecked every time the user selects a new email from the outlook emails list.



Refresh: This button will “refresh” the selection and proceed with the automations selected in options for the selected email. Therefore it will scan for Accounts, Contacts, Project, Cases using the emails metadata (From, To, email folder) and create the corresponding objects in the CRM.



Accounts/Contacts/Projects/Cases/Metadata info: The tabs that manipulate the CRM objects you can relate with the selected email. 

You can search among Accounts, Contacts, Projects and Cases using the search fields. 12

There are “email” and “name” fields for the accounts and contacts objects and “name” only field for Projects and Cases Objects. All that fields are automatically filled in with the selected email’s metadata. Sender, receiver, CC mails for contacts and metadata resolved from the outlook folder structure based on the setting. You can insert a “custom” name or email to search for the CRM object and relate it with the selected email.

The search starts with the search button or you can clear the search fields with the clear




For the contacts tab, you can search with email or name of the contact. You can search for more than one contacts using the “[OR]” like: “Steve [OR] Margaret”. 15


All the searches are performed with the contains method. So a search with “ma [OR] to” will include results as Margaret, Tony, Antony, Harman etc.

You can override the “contains” method in searches by checking the “exact match” option in settings.


In the metadata info tab the user can enter the metadata of the knowledgetree fields or check the automated entries as they are configured in settings






Firm Drop down selection: Select from one or more firms as declared in Settings.
The CRMDMSHUB can use more than one firm and a separate file system for every one of them. There should be a separate SugarCRM installation for every firm and the URL setting is declared in the Settings form.



Max Results: The maximum results (rows) a search can produce. Keep this number as low as possible in order to minimize the traffic and keep the search requests fast.



Fetch All Records: With this option you can override the maximum results of a search and force the system to return all rows. Please use this option only when there aren't many records in the CRM objects otherwise there will be delay when waiting for search results.



Edit CRM Object: Using this icon a new form appears where you can insert or update the selected CRM object.


crmobject view




Status bar: The status bar showing the process state while the system uploads the DMS system with the selected emails and their attachments




Serialization date: The date entered in this field is used for the serialization process. If it is checked, this date is used instead of the received date.


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