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SugarCRM Target List Data Pump

SugarCRM Target List Data Pump is a small utility for creating sugarcrm targets lists from a set of contacts contained in a Microsoft Excel file.

The problem

You have an installation of sugarCRM and you have exported a group contacts in order to proceed with a mail merge or create some subsets of contacts.
You do that because you can work faster with excel spreadsheets than the sugarCRM environment.
But now you have to update sugarCRM with the lists produced.

The solution

1.Run this simple utility
2.Go to operations/CRM connection Settings and set your MySQL connection settings for your sugarCRM Installation


3.Select File/Select Excel of user the right icon of the excel input box


4.Press "Open" button and if you have the right connection settings the excel file entries will be shown on the "Excel Data" grid.

5.Input the "filter fields" criteria 


You can select up to 4 fields from sugarCRM and match them with an Excel column number :


6.Select the desired Target List from the dropdown list with the available targets lists of your sugarCRM installation.

7.Press start and the system will go through all the Excel rows and try to match the criteria given in order to find the sugarCRM rows and add them to the selected Target List.
If for example, you have selected as "Excel Column" :2,3 and "CRM fields": first_name,last_name the system will search for contacts the have first_name the value in column 2 and last_name the value in column 3. 

The utility adds the record found in the given target list, only if there is only one record with the given criteria.
If there are no rows found or there are more than one matching the criteria then you get a warning in the "results log" to the bottom of the form and the row is ignored.


You can save this log when the check ends using the "Save Results" button.
The file created is a ; delimited text file you can easily import to Excel again.

CoverFlip Joomla! Module

Joomla! CoverFlip is an Apple like Cover-flow effect based on ContentFlow javascript

ContentFlow is a very impressive Apple-like cover-flow implementation written in javascript.Joomla! CoverFlip module makes the integration of ContentFlow with Joomla! easy.

CoverFlip will take as parameter a set of categories and display its contents as Apple like Cover-flow with the description taken from every article intro text (the text until the read more separator).The images in display are the ones declared in Images and links Intro Image of every article.




Follow the steps below to complete the installation of Joomla! CoverFlip module:

STEP 1 Download Joomla! CoverFlip from the official website. Make sure you download the complete package for Joomla 2.5 and 3.3.

STEP 2 Go to your Joomla admin area > Extensions > Extension Manager.


STEP 3 In the Upload Package File section click Browse and locate the VirtueMart archive.


STEP 4 Click Upload & Install to upload the file and complete the installation.

STEP 5 If you see the bellow page you are ready to go


STEP 6 Go to Extensions / Module manager and find CoverFlip module

Set the parameters as following :


Select a position in your active template to display the module.Select a position where the module can take the full page width in order for the CoveFlip to display properly.

Set status to Published.


Select Category or Categories from the Basic Options in order for the Coverflip to get the content. 

Select the maximum Number of Articles for the module to display in CoveFlip.You can also select then Order of the display.


Select the Show Article title from Item Settings and the Article Title Level  to format the title of the article when displayed in CoverFlip.And choose if you like a Read more... link under the intro of the article. 

And don't forget to select the menus to display the module:




SEAD HUB demo application  SEAD HUB 


More information about Outlook plugin you can find here and for the plugin settings here


The application is ready to connect with our cloud servers at


The Knowledgetree DMS installation:  dms Installation

user name :demouser  password:demo password


The sugarCRM installation:  crm Installation

user name:admin password:demo password



WARNING : demo cloud gets zapped every 2-3 days.


Form for extra info questions and comments


Download SEAD HUB demo version now!



SEAD HUB Outlook Plugin

Outlook1SEAD Hub Outlook Plugin

Microsoft Outlook Plugin to archive your email's in the SEAD HUB 

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SEAD HUB Microsoft Office Plugin

WordAddInSEAD Hub Microsoft Office Plugin

Microsoft Office Plugin for automatic archiving Documents to the SEAD HUB 



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