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The SEAD HUB application is a complete DMS framework linked together with a complete CRM system.
The DMS system is the open source version of Knowledgetree DMS and the CRM system is the open source version of SugarCRM.

The above applications linked together with the following plugins: 


1. Outlook plugin
2. Office plugin
3. File system plugin
4. Live folder

Each of the above plugins is updating the CRM and DMS systems with the information provided by the user storing them to system that handles the information best.

That way, an email for instance, is stored with it's email body and attachments in the DMS and the contacts involved with the email are updated from Microsoft outlook's information to the CRM and linked automatically with the DMS files and their metadata information.


Using the plugins, the user can archive any email or document from Microsoft office into the knowleadgetree DMS and simultaneously link the SugarCRM objects with the archived email’s / documents.
All you have to do is search the SugarCRM objects (Accounts,Contacts,Projects,Cases) and link them with the Knowleadgetree DMS archived email/Documents.
Archived emails and Documents are uploaded from within Outlook/Word/Excel and the corresponding metadata fields for the archived files are filled in from the plugin using the linked CRM objects or the common email metadata (received date, Subject, Sender, Receiver etc)


See the Outlook plugin details and help


Download a Demo version of the application and test it now!









SEAD HUB Outlook Plugin

Outlook1SEAD Hub Outlook Plugin

Microsoft Outlook Plugin to archive your email's in the SEAD HUB 

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SEAD HUB Microsoft Office Plugin

WordAddInSEAD Hub Microsoft Office Plugin

Microsoft Office Plugin for automatic archiving Documents to the SEAD HUB 



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