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The Metadata tab


The Metadata tab contains 3 fields:


Generic Fieldset: Is the name of the Knowledgetree DMS field set that holds the metadata fields used by the SEAD HUB.
Email Folder: Is the optional folder name to create as subfolder when archiving emails.
Subfolder Metadata field: Declare a field from the generic field set. The value from that field will be used as a subfolder name when archiving emails.

Metadata auto fill settings



The Metadata auto fill settings tab holds the automatic values a metadata field can get during the archive. The lists of available values are:

Company: The active company name from the list of companies
Sender email: The senders email from the current selected mail
Receiver email: The receivers email from the current selected mail
CC email: All the CC emails from the current selected mail
Date Time: The exact Received date and time of the selected mail
Date Only: The Received Date only
Attachment (Y/N): YES if the email has attachments, NO if not
Attachment names: The filenames of the selected mail attachments
A/A Numbering: The serial Number as calculated during archive.
Subject: The subject of the selected mail
CRM Client: The related Account name from CRM objects search
CRM Project: The related Project name from CRM object search
CRM Case: The related Case name from CRM object search
CRM Contact Sender Name: The related Contact name from CRM object search marked as sender
CRM Contact Receiver Name: The related Contact name from CRM object search marked as receiver
CRM Contact CC Name: The group related Contact(s) name(s) from CRM object search marked as CC
Folder Level 1 ... 10: The folder name of the folders structure path where the selected email is in the path level declared here.

So if folder level is set to “Folder Level 3” and the email is saved in an IMAP folder like:


The value in that field will be “Greece”.

CRM Fields Update



The CRM Fields Update maps the CRM fields with the outlook address field.

All Folder Process



The All Folder Process tab has two fields:

1. Saved archived Log path that holds the UNC or a local path of the automated full folder process Log file path.

2. Sort Folder Column is the number of the column the Log should be sorted with.



SEAD HUB Outlook Plugin

Outlook1SEAD Hub Outlook Plugin

Plugin για το Microsoft Outlook για την αποθήκευση των email στο SEAD HUB 


SEAD HUB Microsoft Office Plugin

WordAddInSEAD Hub Microsoft Office Plugin

Plugin για το Microsoft Office για την αποθήκευση των αρχείων σας στο SEAD HUB 



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